Florida Political Geography and Voting

Mapping Health Distributions in Florida using Public State Data

In this project, I use publicly-available Florida data to map distributions of both health resources and environments by county. The ggplot2 R package is utilized for the construction of these maps and the data is published by the Florida Department …

Drawing Campaign Finance Maps for Florida using FEC data

Drawing maps on campaign finance in Florida using FEC data.

Scott, Nelson, DeSantis, Gillum & Beyond$:$ A Look at 2018 Florida Precinct Returns

Midterm elections are typically seen as a referendum on the sitting President of the United States. In 2018, general popular discontent with Donald Trump led to sweeping Democratic advances in the national U.S. House, state Governorships, state …

Color, Size, and the Effectiveness of Direct Mail$:$ A Study on Voter Turnout in a Local Election

Party Affiliation and the Race and Age of One’s Neighbors in Sarasota County