Politics, Elections and Behavior Lab

New College of Florida

Welcome to the Politics, Elections, and Behavior Lab at New College of Florida! We are an enthusiastic group of researchers focused on addressing questions about elections, public opinion, and political behavior. We use statistics and data science techniques to quantitatively analyze politics in the state of Florida, with particular emphases on geography (GIS), social networks (SNA), and reproducible research practices.

We are a team of undergarduate student researchers working under the supervision of Dr. Jack Reilly.


Florida Political Geography and Voting

Analyzing public data about Florida’s political, social, and economic landscape

Rural & Place-Based Politics

Evaluating the role geography plays in poltical preferences, behavior, and policy

Social Networks

Studying the influence of social context of politics, voting, and political discussion

Meet the Team

Principal Investigators


Jack Reilly

Associate Professor of Political Science

Current Students


Jacob Brody-Ogborn

Lab Member$:$ 2020 - 2021

International peace efforts, How people develop foreign policy positions


Omar Guerrero

Lab Member$:$ 2020 - 2021

Political Economy, Latin American Politics


Rory Renzy

Lab Member$:$ 2018 - 2021

Workplace democracy, Social policy administration, Political participation



Jennifer Lin

Lab Member$:$ 2018 - 2020

Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Quantitative Social Science Research Methods


  • 5800 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243
  • Palmer C, Second Floor
  • pebl@ncf.edu