Politics, Elections and Behavior Lab

New College of Florida

Welcome to the Politics, Elections, and Behavior Lab at New College of Florida! We are an enthusiastic group of researchers focused on addressing questions about elections, public opinion, and political behavior, specifically as they relate to Florida.

We are a team of undergarduate student researchers working under the supervision of Dr. Jack Reilly.

Research Interests and Approaches

Mapping Florida Politics

Creating maps that analyze various aspects of Florida’s social and political landscape

Voting in Florida

Analyze data from Florida’s precinct returns to understand patterns in voting behavior

Rural & Place-Based Politics

Compare political behavior and policy preferences between people who live in different places

Social Networks

Study the influence of social networks on political behavior

Meet the Team

Principal Investigators


Jack Reilly

Associate Professor of Political Science

Current Students


Rory Renzy

Lab Member$:$ 2018 - 2021

Workplace democracy, Social policy administration, Political participation



Jennifer Lin

Lab Member$:$ 2018 - 2020

Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Quantitative Social Science Research Methods

Recent Papers

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Mapping Health Distributions in Florida using Public State Data

In this project, I use publicly-available Florida data to map distributions of both health resources and environments by county. The …

Drawing Campaign Finance Maps for Florida using FEC data

Drawing maps on campaign finance in Florida using FEC data.

Democrats and Republicans Communicate Different Moral Values through their 2016 National Convention Speeches

I analyze the 2016 Democrat and Republican National Convention speeches for patterns of moral appeals between politicians from both parties. The results show Republicans to be more likely to appeal to group values, traditions and religion.

Scott, Nelson, DeSantis, Gillum & Beyond$:$ A Look at 2018 Florida Precinct Returns

Midterm elections are typically seen as a referendum on the sitting President of the United States. In 2018, general popular discontent …


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